How To Boost Brokerage Performance with Report and Analytics


To run any successful business that increases in profit, one needs to know and understand the metrics, especially in a highly competitive industry such as real-estate. In an article from the Profit Center, Peter Mueller explains that “the ability to access key information and more importantly clean information is critical in making financial and operational decisions.”

He later goes into a story about a brokerage that believed they were gaining a profit, when they were actually at a loss due to their back-office system having unclear instructions and an error in their calculations. This is crucial, as the brokerage was not making any profit for that year, and if they were planning to expand in the following year, they would have realized not only were they at a huge loss, but were also behind in their goal.

    Datz Solutions Stance On This 

    Reading through this article, as real-estate management software industry leaders we understand the importance of providing brokerages, therefore it is equally important for managing brokers to research the software systems that will be handling their information. The software system that they choose must;

      1. Provide a clear report of the data

      2. Make metrics clear to help base future decisions to help boost brokerage performance

      With the proper reports and analytics, brokerages are able to predict future profit margins, and use the data to create a proper business plan that will boost their overall performance.

      How Datz Solutions Helps Boost Performance

      Our system offers brokerages the ability to review the reports of both their office and real-estate agents to evaluate their current performance. Using the reports, the managing broker is able to go into “Business Planning,” where they can create a direct set of goals for the upcoming year to boost team performance and maximize profits.

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