The system that connects the 4 key players in the real estate transaction

A Complete Real Estate Management System.

Made by Brokers; for Brokers.

This program will increase efficiency & productivity.


Our software is so productive, you can do all the things you keep putting off.


Paperless, cost-effective and more efficient than anything else you’ve tried.


We’ve designed this software to meet all your rules & regulations.

True Game Changer

A platform that covers all the specific needs for each role.

Connecting the 4 Key Players

The only system that truly connects the 4 key players in a Real Estate Transaction:

  • The Brokerage
  • Realtors
  • Lawyers & Notaries
  • Your Customer

We take everything to the next level


Full accounting system PLUS EFT and Credit Card processing.

Transaction room PLUS audit preparation tools and compliance tracking.

Quickly generate, attach and convey files to lawyers PLUS attach excess funds information


Virtual Assitant who helps you stay on top of tasks.

Real-time access to all your listings/deals, paperwork, financials, expenses and brokerage documents

Team functionality


No more missing emails or faxes

Lawyers get access to their own private Datz Portal to review and retrieve all documents submitted


The most important person in the transaction is completely taken care of.

Customers have real-time access to their information, documents and much more.

Designed for and built by brokers.

You can expect

Up to 20% increase in sales for agents with our Business Planning Tool

Up to 30% time saving over current Conveyancing processes.

Up to 50% time saving in Audit Preparation and Compliance

New agent onboarding that takes less than an hour

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I wish I would have found this system a few years earlier. It is so easy to use and it has reduced the workload of everyone in my office compared to our previous system.

David H.

Managing Broker

Having used brokerwolf for years, moving over to Datz was an easy decision. The user interface is easy to understand and anyone can figure it out.

Josh R.

Managing Broker

The Datz RMS program has literally become my personal assistant. I’ve taken my business to a whole new level, and have managed to do 100+ deals in one year since I started using it.