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“We finally found a system that does everything we need it to, seamlessly and effortlessly. It was definitely worth making the switch, and it only took two weeks to learn the whole system.”
Analena Mandlsohn, Broker/Owner, HomeLife Optimum Realty

“My favourite feature is the EFT payment system that is built into Datz. With a couple button pushes, we can close a file, pay out the commission to the agent, to the brokerage, and to the cooperating brokerage, while connected to our bank account.”
Kevin Saunders, Broker/Owner, Tru Realty

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Automate the signing of commissions on the TRS using our Smart Technology

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Become fully compliant and audit ready, including FINTRAC quickly with automation

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Fully integrate EFT and Credit Card processing within the Datz system

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Confirming commissions on the platform

Convey any of your files in 45 seconds

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Increased sales for agents by 20%

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Onboard with us in 1 day


How long does it take to learn the software?

With our automated onboarding onboarding process it takes less than 1 day for your whole team to learn how to use Datz with a 95% uptake success rate.

  • Broker: 2-3 hours to learn
  • Admin: 8 hours to learn
  • Realtor/Agent: 60-90 minutes to learn

The onboarding process is spread out through a 2 week period, with all your data being transfered over the weekend by our reliable development.

What kind of system automations does Datz offer?

We have automations for conveying documents to lawyers, processing payments, onboarding agents and new brokerage staff along with smaller items such as sending sold reports to the board and agents confirming their commissions.

Is there technical support?

Yes, our support team is available by email and zoom meetings after your 30 day onboarding is complete. We find most customers only have 1-2 support calls per month after the first 30 days.