From Humble beginnings

Built by Brokers for Brokers

How We Started.

Datz Solutions, Inc. launched in 2016 to introduce to the real estate industry a new software choice – one that is smart, priced reasonably and complete.

Datz RMS (Real Estate Management Solution) was developed by the organization’s four founders, equipped with decades of experience in the real estate industry. The founders developed the Datz RMS software as the current broker management software choices were lacking. As the founders became successful with their brokerage, other brokers wanted to learn about the secret sauce that was driving their growth and efficiency. It was these business associates that encouraged them to take their software to market!

DATZ RMS is the first software system tying together all 4 key players.

We offer a new way of approaching your real estate business.

Brokers and realtors alike require a comprehensive tool that addresses every facet of their business – from document management and collaboration to tracking real estate transactions.

Alternative solutions typically offer generic software solutions without any background in the real estate industry.

We know you’ll enjoy it because finding technological solutions to traditional real estate problems is our business.