smart technology for a

Profitable Brokerage


Maximize your profits

  1. A transaction room that tells you when files are ready to be conveyed/invoiced and much more!
  2. Automated conveyancing which allows you to convey/invoice a file in 45 seconds
  3. Automated file tracking: See everything going on in your brokerage in less than 5 minutes
  4. Automated Training for new Agents and staff
  5. Automated On-boarding of new agents
  6. Connect your bank accounts for automated month end reconciliations
  7. Audit preparation in 15 minutes
  8. Streamlined Realtor Commission Approvals
  9. EFT, Credit Card and PAD processing within our system
  10. Business planning tools for your agents helps you make more money

The DATZ RMS will Reduce your work load by 30% and your phone calls by up to 70%!

Who Are The 4 Key Players in the Real Estate Transaction?

The Brokerage

Datz provides complete Trust accounting regardless of how many accounts or offices you have. We provide EFT and Credit Card Processing within our platform which none of our competition has. 

Datz “smart” technology allows you to see your workload in seconds, convey files in less than a minute and much more. Datz provides Audit preparation and compliance tools to keep you on track at all times. Our Transaction room ensures you are compliant at all times.  We also have team functionality and business planning plus much more.

Real Estate Agents

Datz is your virtual assistant providing you with reminders for all important dates and giving you access to all of your paperwork, plus:

  • functionality for team set up
  • business planning & goal tracking
  • easy-to-learn system automations
  • allows access to email notifications
  • provides real time access to financial information:  commissions; GST/Tax; expenses;  deductions and more
  • the learning center gives you access to all documents and videos
  • tracks showings and gets feedback
  • the Datz Client portal helps agents sign more listings and buying clients


No more emailing with large attachments and no more faxing instructions.   

Lawyers get their own professional portal which can be accessed until closing day.

The Clients

The most important, and most forgotten-about person in real estate software.  Clients have real time access to all of their documents and what is going on with their transaction.

They can see a record of all showings on their property and feedback provided by the agents.

How it works

Run a cost-effective, paperless enterprise

Relationships with clients need to be built on trust. Through Datz RMS, you may grant your clients real-time and remote access to all documentation relevant to your transactions with them, including locked and time-stamped notes regarding a purchase or sale

Stay on top of all your business activities and monitor overall performance

Ensuring the success of your business lies in identifying your best-performing agents and those who need more support from the firm. Datz RMS gives valuable and up-to-date insights about the activities of your agents.

Track your agents’ activities and their progress & performance

The RMS allows Managing Brokers and Owners to monitor updated information about their Agents – their activities and their performance – and the brokerage as a whole.

Full client transparency

Relationships with clients need to be built on trust. Through the Datz RMS, you may grant your clients real-time and remote access to all documentation relevant to the brokerage’s transactions.

Identify areas for improvement and fine tune your business.

Regularly keep track of the overall sales performance of your agents and the results yielded by your marketing activities with Datz RMS. The software will show you important trends that will help you determine what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Be audit ready and 100% compliant with regulatory standards

Datz RMS’s built-in features give you the power to decide which documents are required to ensure that every deal your firm completes is fully compliant with current regulations and is always audit ready.

Built to Boost Performance of Real Estate Professionals

Even if you recognize the needs to streamline and automate your business operations, accomplishing this is easier said than done when your chosen tech solution can’t adapt to your specific needs.

You’ve probably tried numerous management solutions, but so far, none have successfully managed to keep up with you entirely. These programs claim to be the latest and most advanced software the tech industry has to offer, but they seem to miss the mark on who they’re for – Realtors and Brokers.

Datz RMS is a complete management software developed for Realtors. We belong to the same real estate community, and we have an intimate understanding of what your digital tool should be able to do for you. We’ve managed to develop software tailored to fit the needs of Realtors and Brokerages, and we are confident that it works because we use it ourselves.