What is a transaction management system?

As technology continuously advances to help us with our everyday needs, more and more software companies have been using this momentum to focus on creating systems that help businesses complete transactions more efficiently at larger scales.

 Real-Estate Management Software has been increasingly popular the past couple of years among brokerages, specifically the transaction aspect which focuses on the transaction process in the real-estate industry. Such transactions include document management, creating and monitoring listings, e-signature, etc. Real-Estate Transaction systems help streamline these processes in your office by decreasing the amount of paperwork, while creating more automations to help your agents close sales faster.

Datz Solutions offers transaction management within their all-in-one full operating system that has helped brokerages across North America streamline these processes to save time, run more efficiently, and increase “sales closed” for their agents.

Why is it important?

When looking to implement a new software system, it is important to find a software system that best suits the entire office, as everyone from the managing broker, the admin staff and your real-estate agents will be using it on a daily basis. We have compiled our research and using “software connect” we created a list of features that you should look for when picking a transaction software.

Features of a Real-Estate Transaction Management System – According to “Software Connect”

  • Audit Management – The ability to review files with a customized checklist. This should make sure that all listing documentation and contingency files are uploaded, signed, and accepted. 
  • Listing – Create a listing and monitor history ie. any client offers made. Can easily update listing statuses from pending to accepted offers. 
  • Reporting  – Format metrics and analytics on profit gain/loss, growth of the brokerage, agent performance and any missed opportunities. 
  • E-Signature – The ability of being able to sign any documentation via e-signature portal. This way your agents clients can sign forms from their phone/tablet without having to travel or fax to them. 

Top 3 reasons why you should use a transaction system

  1. Structured Compliance – All documentation created are saved in the Datz software system. These documents are categorized and labeled so your agents and staff know if the documents have been received, which have been signed, and which have been accepted. 

  2. Anywhere Access (iCloud) – You, your admin staff and real-estate agents are able to access data from anywhere on their tablet, cellphone, and laptop, making it easier to constantly be updating files, and closing sales. This has also become increasingly popular since COVID-19 as it gives everyone the option to work-from-home. 

  3. Save Time Through Efficiency and Organization – The Datz transaction system offers automated features that will save your staff and agents time as their tasks can be completed with a few clicks. All listings and documents are organized and can be easily found, eliminating that extra time searching. 

Investing in real estate technology (customer relationship management solutions) is one of the most important components to attraction and retention. Internal technology is crucial for real estate brokerages to build, maintain, and grow their agent teams. 

    Did you know the DATZ RMS can reduce your work load
    by 30% and your phone calls up to 70%

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