[Broker Tip]: Overcoming System Implementation Issues

I think everyone realizes that to run an efficient business you always need the best systems, but when it comes to real estate things are a bit different. Why?

    Here are the top reasons keeping brokerages from changing software systems:

    1) Smoke and mirrors during demo’s, then what? The product doesn’t really work.

    2) Staff are scared to learn a new system

    3) The big question: What happens to our data?

    As a broker/owner, I have listened to our customers and addressed each of these “FEAR FACTORS”

    1) We set up a Datz Training site to mirror your office and help run deals through it until you “sign off” that Datz can handle what your office needs. Therefore, you don’t buy the Datz software until you’ve signed off on it. 

    2) Very clear and efficient onboarding program where your staff needs to invest 4-5 hours of their time over a 2 week period to learn the system. 

    3) The day you go live, all of your open files/data are IN Datz. We will pull all your data off your Lonewolf (or other) systems and upload it into the training site to verify the data process works. We never want you to run dual systems. 

    Why have we put so much time into perfecting our systems?

    Real Estate is stressful enough, and we believe that you deserve an easy, efficient and effective process when changing systems.

    Many of the brokers we have spoken to are not happy with the current real-estate management systems on the market, and they would like to make a change, but unfortunately are scared due to past implementation issues. 


    Stay tuned for my next Broker Tip!

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