Recruiting Millennial Agents to Your Brokerage

Invest in Software

 Technology has changed the buying and selling preferences over time as well as the way people do business. The younger generation tends to be more dependent on the internet for almost all of their transactions. If you don’t have an online presence, these Agents might be doubtful to work with your company since they don’t have information readily available. Update your website, mobile apps, and CRM, these tools would allow you to not only stand out but also keep track of their performance, reports, and other relevant data.

Empower Social Media 

Millennials usually spend more than five hours on their smartphones. Harnessing your reach via social media by creating a robust brand identity and focusing on at least two platforms can significantly enhance your online presence and customer engagement. You can make use of Facebook Ad tools to track customer engagement and other performance measures. Videos are another powerful tool that sparks the interests of young people.

Create Culture 

Recruiting Millennials is easier compared to retaining them. Millennials have a grand desire to be a part of something bigger, and they embrace diversity. They want to impact the world through their work and actions. If you get them to see your vision, the culture you want to impart, and if they share the same insights, this can lead to a long and stable working relationship. It all starts with asking the right questions.

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