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Datz Solutions offers a free trial use of our software for the first month. However, after the first month is up, you will need to commit to a whole year to continue using the program. Should you choose to avail the full version of the software, you will be given the option to pay for the entire year in advance or on monthly basis instead.

Yes. You can terminate your relationship with us at any time provided that you pay a termination fee amounting to 50% of the remaining fees associated to your contract.

Yes. You can add agents at any time, and they will be added to your next Team or Broker billing cycle.  You can also remove agents as well at any time. However, if your team is reduced to just a single member, you will have to be moved to the Agent version of our product.

We accept credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and any other payment method supported by Stripe.

Yes. If your brokerage decides to adopt the Broker RMS, then you can move all your data into the Broker program.

We are always happy to talk to potential clients about our pricing and answer any concerns you may have. However, at this point, we are more inclined to consider offering discounts to high-volume brokerages.

When people think about leadership, they often focus on flashy things & vision.

Once we incorporated the RMS program into our brokerage, my job drastically changed. I used to spend my entire days going through piles of paperwork, and slow filing process, to now being efficient that I can now manage all the admin of out office in 50% of the time that is used to take me, despite the fact that the number of deal and new listings that I manage are 20% higher than they were before we started using the RMS.

Brokerage Admin Manager

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