Understand what an agent would look for in a brokerage:

In order to successfully grow your real estate brokerage, you need to hire (and retain) the right realtors. Real Estate agents are looking for internal technology that helps make them more productive, professional marketing support, training and a cultural fit, when they’re choosing the brokerage they want to represent.

Whether you’re recruiting experienced or new real estate agents, the best place to start is reviewing your offer.

Office space is one of the first steps because they want to know that they’re being valued enough to have an office space that allows them to work in a professional environment. Office space may seem trivial, but it helps an agent feel at home, network and learn from other agents. It also creates a culture that exudes more confidence when they’re networking with potential clients.

Real Estate Agents are looking for some key qualities when considering a brokerage:

  • Leadership, camaraderie and mentorship
  • Brokerage prestige with a strong local presence
  • Opportunities to grow professionally
  • A culture they can believe in and be proud to represent

Brokerage software that provides the very best support

Investing in real estate technology (customer relationship management solutions) is one of the most important components to attraction and retention. Internal technology is crucial for real estate brokerages to build, maintain, and grow their agent teams. 

If you can impress your agents, you’ll impress the clients.

Exceptional software, such as Datz Solutions, can greatly improve productivity and reduce mundane, time-consuming tasks such as:

  • Keep documents organized and retrievable
  • Automate client and group communications
  • Set specific targets from the beginning to the end of the sales process
  • Track daily, weekly or monthly sales ratios
  • Sync to smartphones for mobility
  • Monitor sales performance and marketing activities
  • Keep updated on Fintrac compliance issues
  • Support the entire closing process more efficiently

Training and Career Development

Attracting the best-of-the-best will require some effort, and investing in your agents career development can be the deciding factor.

Training that helps real estate agents includes:

  • Advanced selling techniques
  • Digital Marketing training
  • Website Development
  • Updated compliance reviews
  • Ongoing training of internal technology
  • A mentorship program pairing senior staff with new staff

Strong marketing that supports successful agents

Marketing supports the sales process and we all know marketing is now primarily digital. A website is an important piece of the puzzle but so is your digital marketing;

  • Social media
  • Email marketing/newsletters
  • Blogging
  • Quality content planning
  • Video

If a real estate brokerage has marketing that shines in all the areas we’ve listed above, a new recruit will feel confident that they’re stepping into a brokerage that understands the importance of marketing and will support their needs for a strong marketing plan as well.

Show brokerage value

Successful real estate agents want to know their values align with a potential brokerage.  Proudly display your culture through your website, social media or blog. Through ongoing culture content, you can:

  • Celebrate current agent successes including the little things like anniversaries and birthdays
  • Host events so your senior agents can network with potential new recruits
  • Be transparent with your expectations as well as what you can offer
  • Have agents provide your brokerage with Google reviews of their own

Recruit agents the way that you would want to be recruited.

The more your Real Estate Brokerage invests in their agents, technology and culture, the more you will retain and grow.

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